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The Complete Guide To Puncak Dani

Puncak Dani Bungalow (commonly known as Puncak Dani) is a formidable mansion that catches your eye the moment you pull up its elegant drive. Enjoy taking romantic pictures in the Italian Baroque style bedroom, or posed on the dramatic European style staircase. The many bedrooms offer a perfect place for the bride, groom, and bridal party to get ready, without getting in each others way. Rental starts at RM2800 as in year 2018, and wedding packages are available through outside wedding planners. The venue itself does not offer wedding packages, so you will need to hire a wedding planner yourself. WYK Catering can provide catering services for your big day at Puncak Dani.

Puncak Dani Location

The two story mansion has European architecture, and is located in Janda Baik, in the Genting Highlands. It is just about an hour’s drive from the Klang Valley. The weather here can sometimes turn misty and otherworldly, making you feel like you’re actually in another country! Experience a touch of cold in a tropical country at this unique and inspiring location. Puncak Dani overlooks the Awana Golf & Country Club, giving you a beautiful backdrop of carefully manicured lawns to admire. If you choose an outdoor wedding you can have as many as 500 people attend, with a more modest wedding held inside. The mansion comes fully furnished, and is well liked as a potential location for wedding photography due to the incredibly lavish furnishings.

Puncak Dani Bungalow as a Wedding Venue

This sumptuous mansion has a lot to offer for a wedding ceremony. The outdoor area is beautiful and spacious, allowing room for a very large wedding. If your plan is for a smaller wedding with just a few friends and family, the ceremony can be held inside in the spacious home. Visitors who have used the manor for a wedding love the place for its many photography opportunities, and for the intimate dining room that seats 12 people. You’ll love taking your time exploring the mansion, and the many photo opportunities throughout.

One potential drawback however, is the limited parking for large events. This can be easily remedied by suggesting taxis for anyone who can, in order to relieve congestion. Weddings held at Puncak Dani Bungalow are usually held outdoors. Past weddings that have been held there include vintage style weddings, garden weddings, and whimsical themes. Translucent white tents lit from the inside look particularly beautiful in this location, and provide protection for guests in case of poor weather.

[icon_box ruya_template=”icon-box-style6″]A Romantic Wedding

Roses everywhere, and the gardens filled with impressive water features. The lush landscape transports you to another world.[/icon_box]

[icon_box ruya_template=”icon-box-style6″]A Vintage Wedding

Take it back to older times with rustic wooden chairs, and antique style accent lighting.[/icon_box]

[icon_box ruya_template=”icon-box-style6″]A Garden Party Wedding

If you want every spring day to be a reminder of your wedding, bring the green inside as well as out.[/icon_box]

[icon_box ruya_template=”icon-box-style6″]A Bohemian Wedding

If you like everything natural and eco-friendly, than what better way than using the beauty of nature as your backdrop?[/icon_box]

Why Choose Puncak Dani?

Puncak Dani is unique. The European style home and cool weather in the area make it feel as if you have traveled to another country for your wedding, yet you’re not that far away from home at all. The beautiful golf course and well kept grounds make you feel like you’re in a home away from home. The venue is mostly large enough for big weddings in Malaysia.

Whether you are looking for a small, intimate wedding held indoors, or a huge affair spread across the grounds, Puncak Dani could be the right fit for you. The magnificent mansion will give you wonderful memories and fabulous pictures you can treasure in your heart for years to come. Ready to rent Puncak Dani for your wedding? Contact WYK Catering at 1700-81-5199 now to check availability.